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current as of January 28, 2004

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Accelerate enhancement spell common
Acid Spray offensive spell uncommon
Advanced Field Rifle weapon uncommon
Aiming Scope item common
Ambrose Clipper (antique) weapon rare
Ammnition Clip item common
Amnesia enhancement spell uncommon
Amphinewt beast uncommon
Amulet of Ice item common
Ancient Artifact item rare
Ancient Ruins location rare
Ancient Scroll item uncommon
Anklet of Wire item common
Arena location rare
Assassin's Dagger weapon uncommon
Aura of Hesitation defensive spell uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Bag of Gold item common
Band of Divine Dexterity item uncommon
Band of Divine Luck item rare
Band of Divine Speed item rare
Band of Divine Stamina item uncommon
Band of Divine Strength item uncommon
Band of Divine Wisdom item rare
Banner item common
Baron Degu fighter, legend rare
Baron Malacus fighter, legend rare
Baron Markusa fighter, legend rare
Battering Ram Attachment item common
Battle Axe weapon common
Bell Hammer weapon rare
Beskan Bounty Hunter fighter common
Beskan Interrogator fighter rare
Beskan Mercenary fighter common
Beskan Mimicrist fighter rare
Beskan Palace location common
Beskan Smuggler fighter uncommon
Beskan Spy fighter common
Beskan Toxician fighter uncommon
Beskan Trader fighter common
Beskan Traitor fighter uncommon
Beta Pulse Rifle weapon uncommon
BLACK-83 weapon uncommon
Blood Axe weapon, legend rare
Bluebolt offensive spell rare
Blunt Spear weapon common
Bone Imp beast uncommon
Bracelet of Copper item common
Buzz Saw Attachment item uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Camberak Swamp location uncommon
Candy Beetles item uncommon
Cerlith's Cube defensive spell rare
Cerlith's Laboratory location rare
Cerlith's Library location rare
Cerlith's Staff item rare
Cerulean Shield armor rare
Chaos in a Box item rare
Chest Plate armor common
Choke Hold offensive spell rare
Civil Guard Broadsword weapon rare
Cloak of Darkness item rare
Club weapon common
Cold Blast offensive spell common
Comm Headset item common
Consume enhancement spell rare
Crossbow weapon uncommon
Crown Mountains location rare
Crown of Vines item common
Curse enhancement spell uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Dagger weapon common
Dark Whip weapon, legend rare
Dek-Tarr fighter, legend rare
Demidragon Chieftain fighter uncommon
Demidragon Gatherer fighter common
Demidragon Hunter fighter common
Demidragon Shaman fighter uncommon
Demidragon Skinner fighter uncommon
Demidragon Village location common
Demolition Blaster weapon uncommon
Derin, the Crusader fighter, legend rare
Desert Blade weapon, legend rare
Diamond Arrows item rare
Diamond Sword weapon rare
Dosmyk Packet item common
Double-bladed Sword weapon rare
Draconian Apprentice fighter common
Draconian Beggar fighter common
Draconian Blacksmith fighter common
Draconian Civil Guard fighter uncommon
Draconian Duelist fighter uncommon
Draconian Factory location uncommon
Draconian Farmer fighter common
Draconian Geotrekker fighter uncommon
Draconian Knight fighter uncommon
Draconian Mage fighter uncommon
Draconian Mechanic fighter common
Draconian Merchant fighter common
Draconian Palace location common
Draconian Palace Guard fighter uncommon
Draconian Pilot fighter uncommon
Draconian Priest fighter common
Draconian Rebel fighter uncommon
Draconian Recruiter fighter uncommon
Draconian Soldier fighter common
Draconian Squad Leader fighter uncommon
Draconian Squire fighter common
Draconian Technocrat fighter uncommon
Draconian Temple location common
Draconian Thug fighter common
Draconian Warlord fighter rare
Draconian Wizard fighter common
Drain Life offensive spell uncommon
Duplicate enhancement spell uncommon
Durelium Chain Mail armor uncommon
Durelium Mine location uncommon
Durelium Sword weapon common
Durelium Titan beast rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Earth Shield defensive spell common
Electric Bolt offensive spell common
Electric Mace weapon uncommon
Energy Beam offensive spell common
Energy Shell offensive spell rare
Energy Shield defensive spell uncommon
Energy Slash offensive spell uncommon
Entrapment enhancement spell uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Fire Imp beast rare
Fire Shield defensive spell uncommon
Fireball offensive spell common
Fiskane beast uncommon
Flame Arrows item uncommon
Flame Attachment item common
Flame Pack weapon rare
Food item common
Force Field armor rare
Forest Imus beast common

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Gadal weapon common
Gamma Pistol weapon rare
Gauntlet of Counterstriking item uncommon
Gauntlets of Power item uncommon
Gef weapon common
General Sihrohk fighter, legend rare
Gledian Enforcer fighter uncommon
Geldian Mace weapon uncommon
Gledian Mage fighter uncommon
Gledian Master-of-Arms fighter uncommon
Gledian Rifle weapon uncommon
Gledian Scholar fighter rare
Gledian Sentinel fighter rare
Gledian Soldier fighter uncommon
Gledian Trooper fighter common
Grenade item common

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Hall of Legends location rare
Hammer Staff weapon uncommon
Heat Ray offensive spell uncommon
Helmet armor common
Hermetic Armor armor uncommon
Holy Medallion item common
Hookstaff weapon common
Hydroforce offensive spell uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Ice Blower Attachment item uncommon
Ice Imp beast uncommon
Ice Shield defensive spell common
Icicle offensive spell uncommon
Illusion enhancement spell uncommon
Invisibility defensive spell rare
Ionic Decapitor item rare
Iron Hook weapon common
Isosakari Elder fighter common
Isosakari Prophet fighter uncommon
Isosakari Sage fighter uncommon
Isosakari Temple location common
Isosakari Village location common
Isosakari Visionary fighter rare
Ivy Imp beast uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Jekk, the Berserker fighter, legend rare
Jerith's Idol item rare
Jovias, the Waster fighter, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Kent Selvick fighter, legend rare
Kirahl's Crystal item, legend rare
Kirre beast rare
Kyr Larak fighter, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Lance weapon common
Laser Bazooka weapon rare
Leaosk fighter, legend rare
Light Blast offensive spell common
Lightning Imp beast uncommon
Longbow weapon common
Lord Cerlith fighter, legend rare
Lumber Hook weapon uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Mace weapon common
Mage Guild Hall location rare
Magic Orb item common
Magnetic Mines item rare
Manipulate enhancement spell rare
Mask of Iron item common
Mellusaande's Staff item rare
Military Field Rifle weapon common
Military Prison location rare
Mind Cloud enhancement spell uncommon
Mindstorm fighter, legend rare
Moon Shield armor, legend rare
Morrad's Idol item rare
Mr. Morgenstern fighter, legend rare
Munitions Depot location uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Nayr Lekah fighter, legend rare
Nerve Gell Attachment item common
Net Attachment item common
Ni-Dahir Desert location uncommon
Null Void location uncommon

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Oracle of Kaled location rare
Orb of Telekinesis item rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Pain offensive spell common
Palax fighter, legend rare
Paldoran Alchemist fighter uncommon
Paldoran Athlete fighter uncommon
Paldoran Bomber fighter common
Paldoran Drunkard fighter common
Paldoran Gambler fighter rare
Paldoran Palace location common
Paldoran Priest fighter uncommon
Paldoran Sailor fighter common
Paldoran Temple location common
Pause enhancement spell common
Pendant of Bone item common
Petrify offensive spell uncommon
Pipe Wrench weapon common
Plasma-pellet Dueling Revolver weapon common
Plasma Spear Gun weapon rare
Plate Mail armor rare
Poison Axe weapon uncommon
Poison Dart Attachment item common
Polarized Shield defensive spell uncommon
Portal enhancement spell uncommon
Power Cell item uncommon
Power Plant location uncommon
Prosthetic Limb item rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Quadriago fighter, legend rare
Queen Mellusaande fighter, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Radiation Spray offensive spell rare
Ramira's Idol item rare
Rasitor Myrys fighter, legend rare
Razor Arrows item common
Razor Shield armor uncommon
Razor Sword wweapon uncommon
Razor-Disk Gun weapon common
Red Jones fighter, legend rare
Regenerate enhancement common
Reverse enhancement spell rare
Ring Mail Suit armor uncommon
Ring of Energy item common
Ring of Kindred item uncommon
Riot Gun weapon common
Romaro fighter, legend rare
Royal Hunting Grounds location rare
Rune Axe weapon, legend rare
Runesword weapon, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
S.L.E. fighter rare
Sabre fighter, legend rare
Scimitar weapon common
Scrap Heap location uncommon
Scrap-metal Armor armor uncommon
Sefeerian Agent fighter rare
Sefeerian Dune Raider fighter uncommon
Sefeerian Guard fighter rare
Sefeerian Legalist fighter common
Sefeerian Monk fighter uncommon
Sefeerian Palladin fighter uncommon
Sefeerian Scout fighter common
Sefeerian Spear weapon uncommon
Selium Chain Mail armor uncommon
Shadow Blade weapon, legend rare
Shandoropolis: Alley location uncommon
Shandoropolis: Armory location uncommon
Shandoropolis: Barracks location uncommon
Shandoropolis: Foundry location uncommon
Shandoropolis: Market fighter common
Shandoropolis: Shalwends' Court location rare
Sharp Spear weapon common
Sharu's Spike item uncommon
Shatter enhancement spell uncommon
Shield armor common
Shock Wind offensive spell rare
Short Bow weapon common
Shrapnel Gun weapon rare
Siarian Apprentice fighter common
Siarian Archer fighter common
Siarian Encampment location uncommon
Siarian Historian fighter uncommon
Siarian Mage fighter uncommon
Siarian Nomad fighter common
Siarian Palace location common
Siarian Pickpocket fighter uncommon
Siarian Ranger fighter common
Siarian Slave fighter common
Siarian Teacher fighter common
Siarian Temple location common
Siarian Twins fighter rare
Siarian Wizard fighter common
Sidearm item uncommon
Sledgehammer enhancement spell common
Slage fighter, legend rare
Slake's Chasm location rare
Slave Pistol weapon uncommon
Sonic Boom offensive spell common
Sonic Pistol weapon common
Sonic Shield defensive spell common
Sorail's Idol item rare
Soundspike offensive spell common
Spike Bomb item common
Spiked Armor armor uncommon
Staff weapon common
Standard Arrows item common
Stardust enhancement spell rare
Stone Imp beast rare
Strengthen enhancement spell common
Stun Disk item rare
Sword of Quickness weapon, legend rare
Sword of Maiming weapon, legend rare
Sword of Markusa fighter, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Tahar Field location common
Talaru's Stun Cane weapon rare
Tectonic Shield armor rare
Thorn Shield defensive spell uncommon
Throwing Dagger item common
Thunderbolt offensive spell uncommon
Time Bomb item uncommon
Time Skip enhancement spell uncommon
Time Tinker enhancement spell rare
Timure's Idol item rare
Toolbelt item common
Toxin Vial item uncommon
Training Droid beast uncommon
Tree Axe weapon uncommon
Triaca, the Corruptor fighter, legend rare
Trident weapon common
Tritalon weapon uncommon
Ty Thiagi fighter, legend rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
VLH Mining Laser weapon rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Weaken enhancement spell common
Whip weapon common
Whirlwind defensive spell rare
Whistling Mace weapon rare
Wind Gust offensive spell common
Wood Shield defensive spell uncommon
Wrath of Nature offensive spell rare

Card Name Card Type Rarity
Xenic Beam offensive spell rare