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the game of swords

04 February 2008: This website is no longer being supported. For all Warriors related content, and other nifty games by its designer, go to Cerulean's Games

Welcome to the Warriors home page, your source for card lists, rules, updated rulings, and helpful answers.

If you are new to Warriors, or to CCGs in particular, don't panic. CCGs (Collectible Card Games) combine the fantasy and creativity of Role-playing games, with the portability and compatibility of poker. Players build individual decks using their cards, and use their decks to compete against other decks. By having a large card pool to draw from for construction, there are thousands of strategies that could lead to victory, giving the player a sense of personal touch to the game. And unlike role-playing games, CCG's can be played in one sitting, without tedious long hours of preperation. Popular CCGs today include Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon, and Deadlands: Doomtown.

All right, so what seperates Warriors from other CCGs? Warriors is unique to two ways. First, game play focuses almost exclusively on combat. No more waiting turn after turn for a player to risk an assault. It's sword to sword, spell to spell, face to face. You choose your fighter, the weapon of choice, and pit your champion against all takers. Hear the steel ring!

Secondly, winning a game of Warriors takes far more planning than with other games. Game play focuses less on your hand, and more on the cards already in play. A successful player develops a deck that can handle a wide variety of challenges, and uses their equipped cards wisely.

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Notes: You will need LackeyCCG and WinZip to use this file. Extract the ZIP file into a new directory called "warriors06" directly under the "plugins" folder in the Lackey directory. A rules file for Warriors is included.
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